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    Bracelets for Samsung smart watches

    Price: 15.00 EUR
    Watch accessories:

    Metal bracelets made of stainless steel for Samsung smart watches in sizes 42 and 46 mm (Watch, Watch 4 Classic, Gear S3 Classic, Frontier). A distinctive feature of this bracelet are two decorative metal inserts between the watch case and the bracelet, which gives the ergonomics of the watch a more expensive and complete appearance. The watch becomes individual and unique. In addition, unlike the included silicone bracelet, the skin underneath does not sweat; it is heavier, making wearing the watch more comfortable.

    Metallicheskij braslet samsung watch 42 46 mm

    The type of bracelet clasp is butterfly.

    For Samsung smartwatches 42 mm models - a bracelet 20 mm wide.
    For Samsung smartwatches 46 mm models - a bracelet 22 mm wide.

    Included with the bracelet:
    - mini press for removing pins to remove excess links and shorten the bracelet to fit your wrist;
    - 4 spring-loaded pins/studs for installation in the watch case (2 reserve) ;
    - watchmaker's tool - mini screwdriver. One end is for pressing the pins into the bracelet, the second, in the form of the letter “U”, for installing the pins on the watch case or further ease of their removal.
    - 2 decorative inserts for installation between the watch case and the bracelet.

    Maximum bracelet length is 175 mm.

    Cost of bracelets for smartwatches:

    - Samsung Watch 42 mm models. Gray color - 20 EUR
    - Samsung Watch 4 Classic models 46 mm. Color black - 25 EUR.

    The cost of the service for installing and adjusting the individual length of the bracelet is 3 EUR.

    Metāla aproce samsung viedajiem pulkstņiem 42 46

    Metallicheskij braslet samsung watch 42 46

    Metāla aproce samsung viedpulkstņiem

    Metāla aproce samsung pulkstņiem 42 46

    Samsung watch Bracelets

    Metāla aproce samsung pulkstņiem

    Metallicheskij braslet black samsung watch 46 1

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