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    Cases for Samsung smartwatches 42, 46 mm and Active 2 40, 44 mm

    Price: 5.00 EUR
    Watch accessories:

    Cases for smart watches will be interesting:
    - when you want to change the color of the case for variety. The case is made of thin (0.3 mm) hard silicone and, even up close, is indistinguishable from the original metal case. It exactly repeats the original shape of the watch case. For example, cases made of thick soft matte silicone look frankly cheap and stupid on expensive watches, turning them into a simple fitness bracelet from China.
    - to protect the case from damage during sports, outdoor activities or physical work . After all, any scratch or damage to the screen significantly spoils the appearance of a very expensive accessory, and also reduces its value on the secondary market. Replacing any damaged part is not economically feasible and is close in cost to buying a new watch.

    samsung watch active chehol macins case silicone 7

    Samsung viepulksteis 42 46 ehols aizsardzba korpuss

    The following colors are available:

    - for smartwatch Samsung Active 2 sizes 40 mm: black, gray (metal), rose gold
    - for smartwatch Samsung Active 2 sizes 44 mm: black, gray (metal)

    - for smartwatches Samsung Wath size 42 mm: black, gray (metallic), rose gold
    - for smartwatches Samsung Watch size 46 mm: black, gray (metallic)

    For example, the original Samsung Watch 46 mm comes in only one color - gray (metallic) and after purchasing a black case, it will acquire a unique individual design.

    We also recommend purchasing to protect the smartwatch screen, glass, transparent or with anti-reflective coating.

    In addition, to get an individual and unique look for your smartwatch, we suggest replacing the included silicone bracelet with a metal stainless steel.

    Samsung watch 46 chehol zashita korpus

    Samsung watch 42 46 chehol zashita korpus 19

    Samsung watch 42 46 chehol zashita korpus 20

    Samsung watch 42 46 chehol zashita korpus 18

    Samsung watch 42 46 chehol zashita korpus 16

    Samsung watch 42 46 chehol zashita korpus 17

    Samsung watch 42 aizsarg apvalks< /p>

    Samsung watch 42 macins aizsardzibai< /p>

    Samsung watch 42 mm chehol zashita korpuss

    Samsung viedpulkstenis aizsargmacins

    Samsung watch black cover

    Samsung watch macins aizsardzibai

    Samsung watch 46mm chasy zashitnyj chehol

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