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    Finger holder for phone or tablet

    Price: 1.00 EUR
    Holder type:

    A finger holder that sticks to the back of a phone or tablet, or a covered case using double-sided tape. Adds comfort during prolonged use of the device. Relieves tension from your hand, which must constantly squeeze the phone so that it does not fall out.

    In the future, if necessary, the holder is peeled off by gradually prying it off with a fingernail or a credit card.

    Black. Product code TTS11.M.

    White. Product code TTS11.B.

    Silver color. Product code TTS11.S.

    The phone and tablet in the photo are an example, not included.

    Located in Riga. Delivery to any city in Latvia through the Omniva parcel terminal network - 3 EUR, Estonia, Lithuania - 7 EUR.

    Derzhatel telefona plansheta na palec< /p>

    Turtjs planetdatoram pirkstam aizmugures daai< /p>

    Derzhatel telefona na palec

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