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    Wireless mini keyboard for smart TVs and computers

    Code: TVP.1A
    Price: 40.00 EUR
    Smart TV:

    Wireless mini keyboard with touchpad (mouse) for more convenient and comfortable control of a smart TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to its compact size, it is convenient to take it with you, for example, on trips; at home it takes up very little space when there is no need to use it every day.

    Some standard remote controls for smart TVs have a built-in microphone for speech recognition and translation into text format, but this function does not always work correctly and, in addition, there is some “thoughtfulness.”

    Now smart TVs have unlimited possibilities for receiving video information, but they have a very bottleneck between the proposed content and the search queries of the user of the smart device. In simple terms, entering text information about the movie or program you are looking for from a standard remote control takes a lot of time and can sometimes infuriate even the most patient person. We offer a solution to this problem.

    The wireless keyboard connects via Bluetooth to the TV. The keyboard has a touchpad, thanks to which you can control the cursor on the screen, as well as side buttons similar to a mouse, which, among other things, allow you to copy text and paste it to the desired location for searching.

    The keyboard is universal and includes a USB Bluetooth wireless module, which allows it to be used on a computer. Also included is a cable for charging the built-in lithium battery.

    The keyboard will also be useful for use when setting up various devices. Works on all possible operating systems Windows, Mac OS (Apple), Linux, Android, Tizen and so on.

    USB Bluetooth storage receiver is installed in the case.

    At the end of the keyboard there is a laser pointer (optional).

    Laser pointer activation button (optional).

    Keyboard with laser pointer.

    Keyboard without laser pointer.

    The keyboard has key backlighting in 7 colors, at the user's choice. English layout.

    The cost of a wireless keyboard with a laser pointer is 40 euros. Product code TVP.1A.

    The cost of a wireless keyboard without a laser pointer is 35 euros. Product code TVP.1B.

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