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    The medical endoscopic camera has been repurposed to examine the condition of the mucous membrane of the nose, throat, ears, teeth and gums. Most of the problems with the emergence of infections in children lie in late diagnosis and, as a consequence, the onset of chronic diseases and serious pathologies. Having a medical endoscope is like having a thermometer in every home medicine cabinet. And if earlier mercury thermometers were used, and with the advent of progress, now these are electronic thermometers, the same analogy can be drawn with cameras, previously these were spoons for the tongue to look deeper into the throat, various mirrors and household flashlights.

    Using a medical endoscope, you can monitor the degree of improvement during treatment after any period of time, and it will not be painful or dangerous, especially for a small child. The program for the camera has the ability to take photographs, and then they can be sent to the attending physician to make a decision on the effectiveness of treatment. Or for comparison with past photographs to monitor the progress of recovery.

    Using the attachments included with the camera, on which cotton swabs soaked in medicinal preparations are installed, you can treat inflamed areas of the nasopharyngeal mucosa or ear canals. Also, using attachments, you can remove foreign objects from hidden body cavities in children that were accidentally brought there. The attachments will be useful in removing wax plugs in the ears, both in adults and in children.

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