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    Laser engraving machine TTS-10 PRO 10W with air pump

    Price: 390.00 EUR

    Laser engraving machine TTS-10 PRO 10W with air pump. Supplied unassembled.

    Laser 0.08 mm thick. Capable of cutting wood up to 8 mm, acrylic up to 5 mm. Engraves on ceramics and stainless steel.

    The laser engraving machine can be used to apply logos and individual designs to products. For the manufacture of various prefabricated structures by cutting them from sheet material and so on.

    An air pump is necessary for intensive removal of smoke that is formed when cutting with a powerful laser, which causes heavy smoke in the room. In addition, the lack of smoke removal affects the focusing of the laser beam; the edges of the workpiece are not so smooth and have sagging and burn marks.

    Machine parameters:

    Model:TTS-10 PRO
    Machine weight: 3.9kg
    Engraving range: 300x300mm
    Laser wavelength: 445±5nm
    Engraving accuracy: 0. 1mm
    Engraving speed: 12000mm/min.
    Software support system: MAC, Windows
    Machine material: Aluminum profile + plastic parts
    Power supply: DC 24V, 5A
    Control board: LTS esp32 motherboard (32bit)
    Laser power: 10W
    Input power: 80W
    Software identification file format: NC, BMP, JPG, PNG , Gcode, etc.
    Supporting software: Lasergrbl (Windows system), Lightburn
    Languages ​​supported by software: Chinese, English, Italian, French and German.
    Operating environment: temperature 5-40℃, Humidity 20-60%.
    Engraving Mode: USB Online, TF Card (Application Program, Web Page Control)
    Carving Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Sponge paper, alumina, etc.e.
    Engraving mode: graphic engraving, file engraving, scanning engraving, contour engraving and pixel engraving.


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