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    Bluetooth 3000MW Portable Laser Engraver

    Price: 225.00 EUR

    Settings and downloading of images are made through the application on your phone or tablet using a Bluetooth wireless connection.

    Can be used for applying drawings, logos, photo layouts to plastic, metal, ceramic and other surfaces.

    Product parameters:

    Laser power 3000mw (3W)

    Engraving area: 98*88 mm

    Image format: jpg, bmp (24 bits), tiff, png (below 32 bits), pcx (8 and 24), pcd.

    Engraving mode: raster carving, dot matrix gradient carving, contour cutting.

    Image and engraving resolution: 508 dpi images (508 dpi can be cut at 1:1 size, and other resolution images will be automatically converted to 518 dpi, but the image size will change.</p >

    Operating system support: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

    Power mode: USB power supply 5V/2A; DC power supply 12 V, 2 A

    Laser operating temperature: from 0 to 45 degrees

    Indicator lamp: Power indicator: red; Operating status indicator: blue; Signal connection status indicator: green.

    Laser head service life: 10,000 hours of continuous operation.

    Engraving materials: flat opaque; organics that do not contain fire retardant materials; such as wood, paper products, bamboo, leather, plastic, glass, ceramic (colored paper for engraving), metal oxide or varnish.

    Equipment composition: Housing: Plastic (PC, POM), Metal: 304, aluminum.


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