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    Protective glass for Apple Watch with UV adhesive

    Price: 8.00 EUR
    Glasses for Apple Watch with UV:

    Protective glass with ultraviolet glue and lamp included for smart watches Apple Watch 38, 40, 42, 44, and 7/8 series 41 and 45 mm. The glass has curved edges and exactly follows the original shape of the watch screen.

    Apple watch uv stikls limi< /p>

    Apple watch aizsargstikls ar uv lime lampu

    The main advantage of ultraviolet glasses over regular ones is that water does not get under them if the watch is actively used during swimming or diving. The sensitivity of the screen is not lost at all.

    In addition, if the smartwatch screen already has chips or scratches, when installing the glass, liquid ultraviolet glue will fill the damaged areas and after hardening they will be completely hidden.

    The cost of the set is 8 EUR.

    The kit consists of:
    - wet alcohol wipe
    - dry wipe
    - tube with ultraviolet glue
    - ultraviolet battery-powered lamp *
    - thick, transparent curved glass 0.33 mm with a scratch resistance index of 9H.

    * Kits for 44 mm watches and 7/8 series 41 and 45 mm have a wired lamp. 2 types of connections Micro USB or USB Type-C. Wire not included. Additionally, you can purchase an adapter from Lightning to Micro USB connector, or Lightning to USB Type-C connector here and here.

    Apple watch aizsargstikls ar uv lime lampa 41 45 mm

    Instructions for installing ultraviolet glass.

    Attention! Do not perform any operations with the glue in direct sunlight, as the glue instantly thickens and hardens under ultraviolet light.

    1. Wipe the watch screen with a wet alcohol-soaked cloth
    2. Wipe the screen with a dry cloth
    3. Position the clock so that the screen is oriented horizontally
    4. Scroll and remove the white cap on the tube of glue
    5. Holding the tube of glue with the spout over the watch, begin to unscrew the black cap from the top, then apply the liquid flowing out of it onto the middle of the watch screen in one large drop
    6. Remove the protective film from the back of the glass and place it on the watch screen without force, wait until the glue under the glass completely displaces the air. If somewhere there is a place left unfilled with glue, you need to slightly move the glass, or press with weak force.
    7. Carefully wipe excess glue along the edges of the glass, if any, center the glass
    8. Turn on the ultraviolet lamp and pass evenly over the glass for 20 seconds

    Apple watch zaschitnoe uv seklo s kleem

    Even if ultrafiltrate glue gets on the watch case and hardens, it can easily be peeled off with a fingernail or a wet napkin.

    If it is necessary to remove the glass in the future, you need to apply slightly more force than if it were ordinary self-adhesive glass. It is enough to start prying the glass from the edge with your fingernail or a wooden toothpick. After removal, all the hardened adhesive remains on the protective glass, leaving the phone screen clean.

    Apple watch aizsargstikls uv lime un lampa

    Apple watch aizsargstikls ar uv lime lampa

    Apple watch uv stikls ar limi

    Apple watch uv glass

    Apple watch uv glass 6< /p>

    Apple watch uv glass 2< /p>

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