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    Protective glass for Samsung smart watch screens

    Price: 5.00 EUR
    Glasses for Samsung smart watches:

    Protective glasses for smart watches:

    Samsung Watch 3 models 41 and 45 mm. The cost of transparent glass is 5 EUR.

    Samsung watch 3 zashitnoe steklo 3

    Samsung watch 3 zashitnoe steklo 7

    Samsung 42 and 46 mm models.

    The cost of transparent glass is 3 EUR.

    The cost of glass with anti-reflective coating is 5 EUR.

    The cost of glasses for other brands and models of watches with anti-reflective coating is 5 EUR

    Available in physical diameters 30, 31, 34 and 35 mm.

    Material - tempered glass with rounded edges to ensure a smooth transition to the bezel, as well as to prevent chipping while wearing. Glass does not reduce the sensitivity of the screen at all and does not distort the image. In addition, if there are already micro scratches on the smart watch screen, the glass will hide them perfectly.

    Anti-reflective glass reduces reflections in bright sunlight or bright lamps and improves image contrast. In addition, such glass protects the screen from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

    The most convenient way to stick protective glass is to use a suction cup. After cleaning the screen of the smart watch and removing the protective film from the glass, use a suction cup to stick it exactly in the center, then remove the suction cup. If there is air under the glass, it is easily squeezed out using movements from the center to the edge.

    We also recommend purchasing silicone cases for Samsung smart watches, which can be worn, for example, during outdoor activities when there is a high risk of damaging them.

    Why do you need protective glass for a smart watch?

    Despite the fact that every smartwatch manufacturer claims that both the case and glass are resistant to wear, nothing lasts forever. We carry our smartphones in various protective cases, glue protective films and glass onto the screen, and a smart watch, in its essence, is nothing more than a mini smartphone. Therefore, not only glasses, but also protective covers for them have already appeared on the market. When wearing a smartwatch, they are constantly in contact with clothing, which may have various buttons, buttons, zippers, and so on. Sooner or later, micro scratches begin to appear on the watch screen, which causes the appearance to suffer and subsequently the price on the secondary market to drop. In addition, while on your hand, the watch can sometimes take accidental hits from furniture, parts of the interior of the car, and so on. Protective glass negates all risks of damage to the surface of the smart watch screen; it is not noticeable from the outside and does not interfere with touch.

    Samsung watch chasy antiblikovoe steklo

    Samsung watch chasy zashitnoe steklo nakleit

    Samsung watch chasy steklo ekrana

    Samsung watch aizsargstikls

    Samsung 42 46 chasy antiblikovoe steklo

    Samsung viedpulstenis aizsargstikls

    Samsung watch chasy steklo zashitnoe

    If there is a strong directed impact, the protective glass will be damaged, not the watch screen.

    Samsung watch kalenoe zaschitnooe steklo

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