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    Protective glasses for Samsung phones with UV glue

    Price: 6.00 EUR
    Protective glasses with UV glue:
    from 2 pcs. 5.00 EUR / pcs.

    Protective glass with ultraviolet glue and lamp for Samsung phones. Material - tempered glass 0.33 mm thick with a scratch resistance index of 9H.

    The kit for self-installation of glass includes:
    1. Protective glass with film (the film must be removed immediately before installation)
    2. A tube with the required amount of ultraviolet glue
    3. Ultraviolet lamp with battery
    4. Wipes for wiping the screen before installing the glass

    Packaging may differ from that shown in the photo for different phone models.

    The glass has curved edges and exactly repeats the original shape of the smartphone screen. The glass is transparent, without black edges.

    Available for models:

    Samsung S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7 Edge, Note 8, S10e, S10, S10+, Note 9.

    Samsung S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note 10, Note 10+, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra.

    A discount is available when purchasing 2 pieces or more.

    Samsung s8 aizsargstikls ar uv limi

    Samsung aizsargstikls ar uv limi

    Zashitnoe steklo s uv kleem dlja samsung

    The screens of the latest models of Samsung, Huawei and iPhone have a strong rounding, which is why applying various films will simply be a waste of money. Only those films that cover the straight part of the screen can remain on the screen for some time. The side edges will not be protected, and besides this, since the edges also have a working touch surface, the edge of the film will always be unpleasant to feel with your fingers.

    Cheap versions of rounded glass have a sticky surface only at the edges; an air pocket is formed in the middle between the screen and glass, as a result of which a slight “click” is felt with each touch, and the sensitivity of the sensor also decreases.

    It is extremely rare for those who are doing this for the first time to stick it perfectly evenly and without bubbles, and after a short period of time the edges begin to come off, dust gets under them, and the appearance of the phone begins to suffer.

    The main advantages of using glass with ultraviolet glue:
    - no gluing skills or experience required
    - the kit has everything you need and is easy to use
    - the glass is easily aligned, there is no need to rush, the glue does not dry out and does not harden in air before using an ultraviolet lamp
    - the protective glass stays much stronger on the screen and from the outside it is not even noticeable that it is there
    - the glass perfectly hides various chips and scratches on the screen, since the transparent glue fills all these cavities before hardening
    - after installing the glass on the screen there is not a single place where the sensor would work with distortions
    - this is the most effective way to protect the screen in terms of price-quality ratio

    Zashitnoe steklo uv klej lampa Samsung 5

    If it is necessary to remove the glass in the future, you need to apply slightly more force than if it were ordinary self-adhesive glass. It is enough to start prying the glass from the edge with your fingernail or a wooden toothpick. After removal, all the hardened adhesive remains on the protective glass, leaving the phone screen clean.

    Procedure for installing protective glass.
    A protective film (adhesive tape, electrical tape) must be applied along the edge of the phone case to avoid excess glue if you are doing this for the first time. Clean your smartphone screen from dust and fingerprints. Apply the self-adhesive strip included in the kit to the speaker hole. Remove the cap on the tube of glue. Next, holding the capsule above the screen, unscrew its top part to let air in, after which the glue will begin to slowly flow out. The entire contents of the tube must be applied to the middle of the screen in one large drop.

    Aizsargstikls uv lime lampa samsung s9

    Then you need to remove the protective film from the back of the glass from the kit and put it on the smartphone screen without force, wait until the glue displaces all the air. Gently wipe any excess glue with a napkin along the edges of the glass, if any appears. Next, center the glass relative to the edges of the smartphone body and turn on the ultraviolet lamp, at a distance of a centimeter from the surface, pass over the entire area for 1.5-2 minutes. Then, 20 seconds on each side of the rounded edges of the screen.

    Attention! Do not carry out any glass gluing operations in direct sunlight to avoid premature hardening of the glue.

    Zashitnoe steklo uv klej lampa Samsung 7

    If, after hardening, a certain amount of glue still ends up on the phone body, it can be removed with a fingernail or a napkin moistened with an alcohol-containing glass cleaner, it does not stick as well as superglue, which is practically impossible to remove unnoticed .

    Aizsargstikls UV lime lampa samsung

    Zashitnoe steklo UV klej lampa samsung

    Zashitnoe steklo 9H UV lampa samsung

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